Ariana Jakub is committed to bringing the works of talentedand accomplished contemporary artists working in drawing, painting, photographyand sculpture to Tulsa.
We also specialize in the resale of Impressionistand Modern works of art including Degas, Picasso and Kandinsky, as well asContemporary works by Andy Warhol and many others.

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Director Ariana Jakub has worked in the Fine Arts Industry inNewYork City for the past eight years before relocating to Tulsa.  She began her career at Christie's auctionhouse in New York City and has worked for a variety of galleries and creativeplatforms in New York. 

Ariana has been an independent art consultant for three years in whichshe has enjoyed matching people with artists and works that suit their taste,style and budget.  From a $100 fine art print purchased for a newcollector in Brooklyn to a five figure Salvador Dali drawing purchased for a collector'spenthouse in Chicago, Ariana has experience working with a variety of peopleand budgets.  

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Photo credits: Kris Graves,Guggenheim Photographer, New York.

Ariana Jakub carries works by Kris Graves.  To seemore images, please email
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